When ordering customised stickers, one of the most important decisions you can make is deciding on SIZE.
Product labels often have specific size requirements as well. Incorrect sized labels may actually send out the wrong message for your brand. Keen in mind how your fans would most likely use your customised stickers. Do consider a slightly larger size if it’s meant to be handed out at events. A size of 2×3.5 inches is about the same size as a business card, works great for custom logo stickers since it presents a lot of flexibility for your fans to find a place to stick your logo or designs just about anywhere.


Regardless of the size of your design, one of the first things to consider is where you plan on applying your labels. Give a specific size to match your product packaging. A single brand label can be used for multiple purposes and package sizes, so it’s good to think about the smallest sized surface you plan on applying your labels to. Getting the right sized labels for your products will help you present them in a professional way.

Measure the dimensions of your packaging. Work inside of these sizes to ensure your labels will not be too large, or too small for your packaging. One tip is by using a piece of paper placed where you want your label to be applied. You can then work from that piece of paper to cut and shape your ideal label dimensions. Then, you can easily measure your piece of paper to get an accurate size for your custom labels.


Sometimes a sticker just needs to be bigger! Your stickers are may meant to go on cars or trucks. Keep in mind most people put these here to have them seen. Stickers that are about 5 inches in size and larger are generally large enough to be seen from a small distance depending on your designs.

Custom shapes such as squares, ovals, circles, or even hearts and stars, can be tricky. They don’t fit into a common size. We always offer the option for custom shapes and sizes. Choose “custom shape” and let us know the sizes you want your stickers or labels to be. Measure in the “width” and “height” fields when choosing your custom sticker size. We will base the finished size of your sticker on your custom dimensions. We also measure custom shapes based on the widest, and tallest areas of your sticker, when measured in a straight line across your design.