Hoarding Sticker

Hoarding stickers are used to create hype and brand awareness about your store when  undergoing renovation or is coming soon, acting as an advertisement prior to your actual opening or event.

Orajet Stickers

Durable and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, on glass doors, windows, walls, metal surfaces, coated with various kinds of finishings and has permanent adhesive.

Die-Cut Sticker

Die-Cut Stickers open up options for cusotmized shapes and sizes, tailored to your brand. It can also be used for small scale production such as packagings labels, all the way to large format installations, such as wall decals and decorations.

Label Sticker

We have various options for Label Stickers from affordable to premium range depending on your needs. You can get your brand logo designed by us too.


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What they said about us..

Thank you so much for taking my last minute order. Really appreciated them taking time to advise on the type of label I needed for my wedding gift labels. Saved time and cost for me as they helped with the designs and recommended me the best material for my labels since it’s for temporary use. 

- Siva Kumar

Ordered name labels for the kids’ milk bottles, water bottles and bags. The sales assistant helped a lot in recommending the right material for the stickers I needed. They suggested the waterproof and tear-proof material – which is perfect for my kids. They even helped with the designs for it. Thank you so much!

- Nadia J

Being new in the home-based business is not easy. I didn’t even have my own label for packaging. Decided to get stickers but I don’t have a logo to begin with. Su recommended me the HBB package and it’s really affordable. I got my logo, got my sticker labels and it helped me to boost up my sales. Thank you so much for your help.

- Sasha

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